Assignment 10 – Whitespace

Students in my fourth grade art class will be learning about the artist Louise Nevelson and will use her art as inspiration to create their own assemblages. The following visual was created as a “quick fact” guide for my students to refer to when learning about Louise Nevelson. This visual will be displayed on a SMART Board during the introduction of the unit.

This week’s assignment focused on “whitespace” in a visual. Lohr, 2008 states, “The goal is to create a good balance between the white space and the other elements that make up the visual” (p. 275). I feel my visual does just that. The three visual elements that stand out the most are balanced by the facts scattered about the page. The opacity of the background image is adjusted to 10%, to give more visual interest without being too distracting to the important information being presented. When I look at the visual, my eyes are drawn to image of Louise Nevelson, but quickly scan the rest of the page for the other information. While I was creating this visual, I initially had the photograph in the center of the page, but then decided to move it to left hand side of the page. Doing this helped create more asymmetry, which led to a more natural flow of information. This also helps to create more visual interest (Lohr, 2008, p. 275).

Overall, I am pleased with this visual. It displays simple facts without overloading the viewer. At this time, I am unable to share this with another for a user test.

*Images used in this visual fall under “fair use” of copyrighted material.



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